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Dec. 1st, 2016 11:11 am
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Player name: Saro
Contact: [ profile] sarosaron
Characters currently in-game: N/A

Character Name: Natasha Romanoff
Character Age: 32 until canon tells me otherwise
Canon: MCU
Canon Point: After Captain America: Civil War
History: She's a busy girl.
Personality: First and foremost, Natasha is a survivor. While canon doesn't give us a lot of specific insight into her early life, we do know that she was recruited by the KGB and entered training as a spy in Red Room at a very young age. Agent Carter provides some idea what Red Room training might have been like (though it seems likely it would have evolved over the years), as do the flashbacks Natasha experiences in Age of Ultron. We do know that it was an incredibly dangerous and competitive environment were young girls were pitted against one another, sometimes to the death. We know that Natasha was able to adapt to this situation, even thrive in it insofar as she excelled in her training. She did what she had to, and she did it well enough to become the premier Black Widow.

Unsurprisingly, Natasha’s training and her years of experience in the intelligence community has given her a somewhat jaded view of the world. Even acting as a superhero, she accepts that sometimes morally dubious things will have to be done to avoid a lot worse. She also accepts that she’s among the people best suited to tackle that kind of job. We see examples of this in Captain America: The Winter Soldier—Natasha kicks Jasper Sitwell off a roof to get answers out of him so Captain America doesn't have to.

The KGB wanted to create an agent who put nothing ahead of her mission, and in many ways they succeeded at that. Natasha emerged from the other side of her training a committed professional. In Age of Ultron when she’s faced with choosing between facing Ultron and following Bruce off the field to pursue a romantic fantasy, she doesn’t hesitate to choose the mission or to force Bruce to join the fight with her. It's the same set of priorities that leads Natasha to side with Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, despite her greater personal connection and emotional sympathy for Steve Rogers. Natasha is able to set aside her personal feelings and instead takes the side which offers her the best political position.

In fact, it's often hard to say just what Natasha's personal feelings are. Along with her habit of putting them aside in order to prioritize what she sees as more objective concerns, Natasha is reserved to the point of being cagey. She’s often incredibly reluctant to reveal details about her past or about her emotional state. Most often when she does reveal things about herself, there’s a transactional element to the act—for example when she reveals details of her past and her relationship with Clint Barton to Loki in the Avengers, it’s a strategic choice to manipulate him into exposing his own plan. Likewise, when she reveals details of her time with Red Room to Bruce, it’s specifically within the context of encouraging him to bond with her.

Ironically among the more honest things Natasha does say over the course of her movie appearances is when she tells Steve that the truth "isn't all things to all people, all the time. And neither am I."

Natasha worked as a spy and assassin for most of her life, and in her own words, she didn’t worry too much about who she used her skills for or on. Perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that redemption for her past misdeeds and a personal obligation to go straight have become her primary motivations. She tries to do that first by joining SHIELD and then later through her work as an Avenger.

This is why being an Avenger is so important to her. It is also our clearest indication that Natasha is, in fact, a good person. Even a moral person, underneath the layers of cynicism and spy craft.

Because Natasha is by nature a moral person. If she weren't, she would never have taken the opportunity to get out of her old life. While her moral compass has been skewed by training and a lifetime of neglect and she’s often not comfortable with or able to trust her own moral instincts, she does possess the impulse to do good and to make herself better. Her anxiety over this is particularly visible in Winter Soldier when she confides in Steve that she thought she was going straight by joining SHIELD, but she missed HYDRA right under their noses. She’s afraid she might not be able to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad.

For all of this, Natasha is capable of forming friendships and being playful. Her sense of humor tends to run toward teasing, poking fun at her friends and putting them off balance. She’s often a flirt, and while sometimes her flirting serves other purposes, it’s more often an expression of her sense of humor.

Natasha has created numerous personas based on need and shed old skins again and again over the course of her life while still maintaining a strong core personality. Her adaptability took her to some dark places, but in recent years, it's lead Natasha to become someone better through her friendships and her opportunities to be a hero, and it allows her to recreate herself as someone more like who she wants to be. While she can never roll back those identities to be who she was before she was a liar or a killer, she can continue to evolve, bringing the parts of that person capable of improving into her future.

Inventory: Natasha brings with her her tactical gear (uniform, bracers, widow's stings, guns and ammo, garotting wire) and a sunny disposition.

Abilities: Natasha is a world class spy and assassin with skills including:
• Marksmanship
• Martial arts
• Computer skills
• Interrogation
• Diplomacy
• Gymnastic/athletic abilities
• Fluency in several languages

Flaws: Natasha is a straight up killer, and despite the fact she is trying to be a better and more moral person, she's still murdered many, many people, indiscriminately. While she would no longer be so willing to kill people without good reason, she's still very capable of putting aside her conscience and sacrificing lives when necessary.

She's casually dishonest, to such a degree that it's become a survival strategy, and she lies easily. In many ways it's easier for her to lie than it is to tell the truth, especially about herself.

Less overtly, Natasha's pragmatism and sense of nuance and realism can make her too compromising and accepting. Sometimes it leads to her taking the path of least resistance rather than pushing back against flawed systems or organizations.

Action Log Sample: Fourth Wall Event Threads. Not expecting to keep it as game canon.
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Natasha Romanoff

OOC permissions
Backtagging: Sure!
Threadhopping: Probably, but ask first just in case.
Offensive subjects: None.

IC information
Species: Vampire
Role/Faction: Redbright Institute Outreach Group
Strength: 3 (2 while she's going vampire vegan)
Magic: 1
Friends/Allies: Not as many as she can use
Enemies: She's trying not to make them at the moment, but she sure left an angry vampire nest back in Russia
Relationship status: Single, open to casual relationships but not looking for anything serious or committed currently (So DTF?)
Notable physical characteristics: Natasha is very comfortable and confident in her own skin. She knows what she is and what she's capable of, and no matter what else is going on in her head, she's actually very at peace with her body. There's a sense of reserve and control about her most times, and her movements and physical reactions can sometimes seem a little too smooth. While not an ancient, her self-contained attitude and air of maturity often does let on that she's older than she looks. Unless otherwise noted she speaks with a Russian accent, though her English is clear and fluent.
Notable magical characteristics: Vampire, currently feeding on animal blood.
Offensive subjects: None, really.
Warnings: No blanket warnings, but pick physical fights a your own risk.

IC permissions
General physical violence: Sure, no permission required for minor violence.
Injuring this character: Sure to anything a vampire would be able to heal quickly, ask first for maiming or anything wood/silver related.
Torturing this character: Ask first. This would have to be planned and agreed to in advance.
Killing this character: Probably not, but if you have plot ideas feel free to bring them up.
Mental/emotional torment: Sure, but let's talk first.
Physical intimacy: Go for it. I can't promise the answer will be yes, but Natasha's a grown woman with needs and she could use the distraction.
Romance: If it happens, it happens.
Using magic on this character: Ask first; I'm open to plotting.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, just ask first.
Using mind control on this character: Ask me, but I'm open to it.

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Player information
Name: Saro
Contact: saro.lynne @ gmail, [ profile] sarosaron
Are you 18 or over? Yes
Other characters played: None.

Character information
Name: Natasha Romanoff
Age: 78 (appears to be in her mid twenties)
Date of Birth: 22 November, 1938
Canon: MCU
Species: Vampire—Canon touches on Natasha’s sense of guilt for her past, the debt she owes Clint Barton for giving her the chance to go straight, and her insecurity that she can’t overcome her background. Being a vampire would give her the chance to explore a lot of the same themes and emotional beats in a new context.

Role: Natasha would look for a position in the Redbright Institute’s Outreach Group, with a focus on enforcing secrecy regarding supernatural society and protecting humans from supernatural predation.

Rank: 1-2
Background:Natasha was born in Stalingrad in 1938 and as a result her earliest memories were of the stress and insecurity of WWII. Her parents both died in the war, leading to her being shuffled around between grandparents and great aunts, until she finally ended up a ward of the state.

In the orphanages, Natasha was recognized for her potential, mostly because of repeated disciplinary problems ranging from stealing to fighting, to running away on more than one occasion to scrap out a living on the street until she was eventually found and hauled back. Through her actions, she revealed that she was crafty, motivated and bold. A few days after a particularly daring escape attempt that lead to her stealing the gun off a police officer and injuring him, a woman came to claim Natasha for a program meant to mold young women into KGB operatives, and Natasha traded orphanages for boarding schools and training facilities.

Natasha took to her new trajectory well. She wasn’t particularly patriotic, but she was very, very good at what her mentors wanted her to do, and she thrived in challenging environment. Eventually, she learned to thrive on the structure as well. By the time she took her place as an agent, she had earned the reputation of being the top student in her program. That distinction continued into her new career, and may have one day made her among the KGB’s premiere agents, if her life hadn’t taken another sharp detour.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Moscow’s most influential vampire nest took notice of her; more than one Russian regime had had ties with their bloodline, and the Communist Party was no exception. In exchange for their support, the nest was supplied with a steady stream of blood donors in the form of political dissidents as well as access to the occasional special recruit. In 1961, Natasha was loaned to the Moscow nest as a human servant. In 1964, the nest officially inducted her into their number and she was sired by one of the nest’s commanders. After years of grooming and a history of feeding, Natasha’s bond with her sire was intense, instilling an instinctive loyalty in her and creating an emotional connection unlike anything she’d experienced before. It’s at this point, that she would recognize herself as being the happiest, first while her sire helped her to adapt to her new life and then working alongside him to serve the nest and, when called upon, the USSR.

That period came to an abrupt end in 1969, when Natasha’s sire was killed by a hunter (rumor suggested with inside help from a political rival, though the connection was never confirmed). The loss of her sire hit Natasha hard—much harder than she liked to admit. She fell back on her KGB training and almost overnight, she began detaching herself from her own sentiment, becoming both more reserved and more ruthless. The next twenty-ish years were, for Natasha, a slow decent into useful apathy that was the result of her withdrawal. Even unnecessary violence began to feel like an excess, one that she avoided. This change, in turn, made her an even more valuable weapon to nest and country. On missions she was both remorseless and effective, and politically she had no ambitions.

Within the nest, she engaged with her peers superficially. While she was emotionally unavailable, she went through the motions: flirting, navigating political ploys, and feeding. Feeding became one of her only interactions with humans. Because of the vampires’ relative position of comfort in Soviet Russia, there was never much incentive or pressure not to hurt or kill the people that she fed on, and even during her time with her sire, she was rarely encouraged to hold back when feeding. While she didn’t actively seek to hurt or kill her victims, she also didn’t worry about not hurting them either. It became easy to view humans as prey.

Then the USSR fell. Suddenly the nest no longer had a secure ally in the new regime, society around them was in upheaval, and the Cold War was over. The Moscow nest was forced to act as a free agent now, partnered with people who would have been beneath them before. In this environment, Natasha found herself growing restless. More and more the jobs she was given struck her as unnecessary. She started to resemble the girl she’d been in the late 40s, rebelling, running off on her own for days at a time without disclosing where she was going, picking fights rather than deflecting conflict civilly. Most importantly, she found herself actually pushing back politically against the what she viewed as the nest decaying and spiraling out of control.

Recently a human hunter brought on by one of Natasha’s rivals within the nest to kill her finally brought the situation to a head. He stalked her for weeks, watching her moves, and when the time came to take the shot something stopped him. He told her he’d thought he was doing the right thing by taking the contract and helping the nest wipe itself out; now he thought he’d had it wrong. Something he’d seen in her convinced him that she wasn’t evil.

For his failure to complete his mission, he would have been killed if Natasha hadn’t stepped in to protect him by killing the other vampire. In the aftermath, she fled Moscow for London, where she is currently attempting to go straight.

Personality: Natasha Romanoff is a woman who had to learn to adapt at a young age, and as a result she can superficially seem like a chameleon. The way that she presents herself changes constantly based on the needs of the moment—she puts on different colors based on the needs of the moment. She can be outgoing and flirtatious, or she be intimidatingly stoic. She can thrive on structure, in a hierarchal system, or she can be rebellious. Depending on the situation, she can seem professional or informal. She invents new personas easily, until it can seem like she’s a subtly different person for everyone she meets.

However, she does have a strong core personality underneath.

She’s smart. She’s strategic. She’s self-contained in a way that tends to make her reserved when it comes to her emotions and past. She’s observant, good at reading people and a good judge of character. She’s competent and she values competence. She’s a pragmatist and pushes herself to be as realistic and unbiased as possible in her decision making. She doesn’t shy away from hard choices, and she accepts the fact that accomplishing anything (even just staying alive) will usually mean making compromises and sacrifices.

At heart Natasha is a survivor. Much of her personality is shaped by that, if it doesn’t spring from it directly. At each stage of her life, she’s been forced by circumstances to evolve, and at each stage she’s become a person who can thrive in her present situation. When that person stopped being adaptive, she learned to shed the old identity while retaining the pieces of it that are still useful.

While this adaptivity has kept Natasha alive and even successful for the better part of a century, it’s not without a price. Natasha sometimes struggles with who she’s become, and what she’s lost. While she can change, there’s a degree to which she can’t go back. She can’t undo becoming a pragmatist. She can try to stop killing, but she can never go back to being a person who hasn’t killed often and easily. She can’t stop being a vampire.

This leads to internal conflict for her, because on some level she’s also a person with a strong impulse to do the right thing. However the changes, lessons and compromises that she’s made over the decades as part of her evolution have left her with a pretty faulty moral compass. She’s so used to ignoring or not trusting her own feelings on right and wrong that it’s become hard for her to even know what her conscience is saying.

In some ways, this accounts for her preference for structure. It’s easier for her to let other people take the lead and provide a moral vision when she doesn’t feel like she can trust her own instincts on the matter. First the KGB and then her nest provided her with direction and gave her the sense of serving something bigger than herself, with better goals. She felt like she was taking care of her country and her family.

When her faith in country and nest deteriorated, she looked for and found other outside influences that better seemed to match her own, muddled impulses, which it what inspired her first to connect with the hunter who inspired her to try to go straight, and then, after she fled to London, to seek out the Redbright Institute.

Powers & Possessions: By default, Natasha isn’t especially powerful for a vampire her age. She’s never sired another vampire, so she hasn’t developed the associated powers. What makes her intimidating is that her training and skill enable her to utilize the powers she does have incredibly effectively; KGB training doesn’t make her any faster or stronger, though.

She’s currently trying to live on animal blood, which weakens her further. This situation may or may not last long depending on how things develop IC.

When Natasha fled Moscow, she left with a duffel containing:

Two Glock 26 pistols & rounds
One Soviet issue combat knife
A substantial amount of cash


Test drive top level.
And one more.
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[It takes less than two hours to be on a train leaving Budapest, bound for a transfer in Munich before heading for London. From there, she supposed her unexpected "rescuer" would be able to arrange an extraction. Her handlers—now former handlers—had fewer resources out there than they had in Hungary or Germany. It's a ten hour trip with a sleeper car, and leaving just before midnight. And that was before they switched trains.

Natasha tries not to think too much about what that means until after they're safely in motion. She's already committed to this course of action, and it would be pointless to undermine it with worry.

Once they're underway, her situation weighs more and more heavily on her mind.

She sits quietly, drawn in on herself for the first part of their trip. Two things nag at her. The first is the hunger. Bagged blood helped, took the edge off, but she was still committing herself to being shut in with a warm, living human for the duration of their trip.

The second is sunrise, and before long she's counting the hours and minutes until dawn. She's not as weak to sunlight as some of the assets she's heard of. Photosensitive, but not to the degree where she's likely die of it unless she's staked out for prolonged exposure. That doesn't mean she's not vulnerable, though. Staying awake once the sun is up is always a challenge, meaning at best she'll be slow. At worst, she won't be able to stay awake at all.

Trust didn't come easy to Natasha, neither giving nor receiving, but here she was.]
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Name Natasha Romanoff
Rank Knight
Living quarters Clubs
Silver Currently poor

Age Looks around 30, actual age significantly older due to Cold War origin.
Height Scarlett Johansson in wedges.
Build Scarlett Johansson in a catsuit.
Hair Scarlett Johansson with a red dye job.
Eyes Vampire Scarlett Johansson... which is to say blue/green, but sometimes dark with red pupils depending on lighting and emotional state.

Unusual features
Natasha is pretty vampiric by the time she reaches court, which can lead to her looking pale and hollow around the eyes, especially in strong lighting. Her fangs, even descended, are fairly subtle. She's not yet undead, if that's a distinction that can be made, but her current vitals are strongly suppressed. Breathing and heartbeat are very sporadic and slow, and weak when they happen. She runs cool, but not cold. For people who sense that kind of thing, she's definitely some kind of vampire, or may ping as something like a half vampire/living vampire/dhampir, depending on how sensitive the observer is and their frame of reference.

Extra Notes
The Romanian Solution & Red Russian are fanfics set in the same AU. Natasha in Court comes from the future of the same AU, just after AoU. I'll add more here in the future.


Known Objectives
Performance/showing off.
Oral sex (giving/receiving.)
Delayed gratification (giving/receiving).
Talking dirty.

Unknown Objectives
Telling difficult truths/secrets.
Trust (giving and receiving).
Fighting -> makingout/sex.
more tba

Memory 11

Nov. 27th, 2013 12:08 am
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Trivial Positive: You've got your best friend back. (IM2 1:44:20-154:15)

Short Description: TBA

What She Gains:


Form Of:

Memory 10

Nov. 12th, 2013 04:34 pm
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Trivial Negative: You figured I'd come. (A 103:30-1:07:10)

Short Description: here!

What She Gains:

+ Loki?!

Form Of: oversized snowflake, unlimited uses.

Memory 09

Nov. 7th, 2013 10:02 pm
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Trivial Neutral: Action figures. (AoS, informed/headcanon)

Short Description: Avengers action figures exist, after the incident in New York. We see them at the beginning of Agents of SHIELD. There's a Black Widow action figure. Headcanon, Natasha is bemused by the fact she's an action figure.

What She Gains:

+This doesn't seem appropriate for a spy and assassin.

Form Of: Necco wafer.
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